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Expertise in Forestry

Deer Park Lumber

From Forestry Services and Log Purchasing to Lumber Sales for markets both large and small, domestic and international - count on Deer Park Lumber's expertise, experience and professionalism to deliver the absolute highest quality forestry and logging services and northern hardwood products.

Your Direct Source for the Finest Northern Appalachian Hardwoods
Aerial view of Deer Park Lumber facility
Approximately 15 Million BF of Lumber Produced Per Year

Nestled in the Endless Mountains of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, Deer Park Lumber is a second-generation, family-owned lumber manufacturing and forestry services company. We have been processing a variety of hardwoods from the finest logs since 1982 - including Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Ash, Hard and Soft Maple, Birch and Walnut. After all, we are surrounded by some of the best northern hardwood trees in the state.


Deer Park is an active supporter and advocate of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative™. We maintain a steadfast commitment to sustainable forest-management and production practices.

As a leader in the hardwood lumber industry, Deer Park Lumber has successfully undergone a major expansion project which is near completion.  The project includes the expansion of Deer Park Lumbers production footprint by adding over 16,000 sq ft of area, which is now occupied by a state-of-the-art automated bin sorter with an optimizing grading scan system.  This investment immediately improves our productivity and efficiency while streamlining our operational process.  A successful short term project with long term implications for Deer Park Lumber employees, customers and our community. 

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