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Expertise in Forestry Services

From start to finish - we provide you with the services needed for managing & marketing your timber resources.

Our forestry team works closely with private landowners - including individuals and families, hunting clubs, real estate investors, loggers, and land clearing companies to provide the technical guidance needed for successful forest management.


We understand and appreciate the responsibility and effort involved in maintaining your woodlot. Our forests are a place for outdoor recreation, hunting and many other activities. They provide clean water, fresh air, and wildlife habitats for game species and non-game species alike. They also represent a major renewable capital asset.

No timber harvest should take place without considering regeneration and the environment. In fact, over-harvesting could delay future harvests for 60 to 100 years. It is Deer Park's mission to provide you with the expert advice we have gained from decades of practicing long-term forest management. We are a proud supporter of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative™ and have been recognized with a National Hardwood Lumber Association stewardship award for our commitment to long term conservation of natural resources.

Diagram in the shape of a cut log that describes Deer Park's forestry process

Deer Park's Forestry team delivers the ultimate turnkey process that starts with the initial consultation and development of the timber management strategy. Next we will retrace property boundaries, identify and mark trees for harvest, layout roads and skid trails, develop and implement a soil and erosion plan, apply for state and local permits, supervise harvest and retirement without any additional cost to the landowner.


If you're ready to increase your bottom line and protect your long-term investments, contact us today.

It Starts With The Forest.

Forestry Team
Deer Park Lumber Forestry Team

Jeff Nichols • Director of Procurement & Certified Forester

Barrett Wiggans

Travis Wiggans

Jeff Dymond

Mark Sickler

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