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About Deer Park

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PA WoodMobile
PA WoodMobile
Interior of Deer Park Lumber mill
Your Direct Source for the Finest Northern Appalachian Hardwoods

In 1982, Ron Andrews purchased a small sawmill in Tunkhannock, PA with the goal to create a thriving generational business that would lead the industry in caring for its employees and community. Since then - Ron, sons Ryan and Matt, daughter Vanessa and son-in-law Dan DiMeolo (Deer Park's Plant Manager and Head of Operations), have led the Pennsylvania lumber industry in social and environmental responsibility. Deer Park has grown continually since 1982 - with further expansion to come.

Deer Park employees are encouraged to be involved with organizations that benefit not only the lumber industry, but also their communities. Deer Park is an active member and supporter of:

  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative

  • Real American Hardwood Coalition

  • American Hardwood Export Council

  • National Hardwood Lumber Association

  • Hardwood Manufacturers Association

  • Keystone Wood Products Association

  • Keystone Kiln Drying Association

  • Northern Tier Hardwood Association

  • Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

  • Penn York Lumbermen’s Club

  • Lake Erie and Ontario Sawyers and Filers Association

  • ALIFT (Assisting Loggers Immediately Fund Trust)


Sustainable forest management and the environment are at the forefront of Deer Park’s mission. It starts with the trees in the forest. When properly tended and treated, forests can be sustainably managed permanently. Full utilization of the lumber and byproducts created during the manufacturing process are also critical components of being good stewards. Deer Park kiln-dries our lumber in buildings heated by burning sawdust - with fans that dry the boards to a finished moisture content of 6-8%. This is a completely natural process that involves no chemicals - making our hardwoods a Green and Renewable product. Any remaining sawdust is sold to local farmers for animal bedding. Bark goes to mulch producers for landscaping. Wood chips are used for door skins by particleboard manufacturers, wood pellets, and to generate heat for local schools. Low grade cants are sold to make pallets for shipping goods all over the world. A renewable resource that is managed and utilized correctly is a benefit to everyone.

PA WoodMobile truck and trailer

The Pennsylvania WoodMobile is a traveling exhibit that provides information on PA’s forest resource and products industry. Patrons to the exhibit will see how the forests of Pennsylvania have shaped the history of the state and nation, learn how today’s forest differs from 100 years ago, touch the various hardwood species produced in Pennsylvania and see how deer impact today’s forest. They will also learn about Pennsylvania’s forest products industry - seeing how products are made, learn how the forest is sustainably managed, and experience how common and unusual forest products touch our lives.

​The Pennsylvania WoodMobile is a project of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Hardwoods Development Council and supported by the state’s hardwoods industry. Deer Park Lumber provided the first WoodMobile truck and trailer as well as the current trailer in use.

Stacks of lumber in the Deer Park mill yard
Interior of the Deer Park mill
Deer Park Ownership
Deer Park Lumber Ownership
Photo of Ron Andrews, founder of Deer Park Lumber

Ron Andrews is the driving force behind Deer Park Lumber. His strong work ethic, lumber industry knowledge, outstanding leadership abilities, and attention to detail continues to make Deer Park one of the most successful forest product companies in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ron’s experience in the hardwoods industry began in 1962 working for Bob Mallery at Mallery Lumber in Emporium, PA as a Yard Manager, then moving into sales. Ron founded Deer Park Lumber in 1982 and continues to serve as President.


Ron has been a recognized leader and advocate in the lumber industry for nearly 6 decades - having served and recognized as:

  • President of the Penn York Lumbermen’s Club

  • Chairman for two terms of PFPA (PA Forest Products Association)

  • Co-Chairman for two terms of the PFPA Capital Campaign

  • Selected to serve on the Hardwood Development Council by former PA Governor Tom Ridge

  • Member of Implementation Committee, Sustained Forestry Initiative of PA

  • Director of the National Hardwood Lumber Association

  • Recognized for Outstanding Service to the Forest Industry by NELA (Northeastern Loggers’ Association)


Ron also supports other industry organizations through company membership and employee participation. As an avid outdoorsman, Ron is active in multiple conservation groups. He founded and remains active in CCOYA (Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities) in 2011 - an organization that mentors and instructs youth about hunting, fishing, the environment and an outdoor lifestyle.

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