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Fair, Honest & Direct Log Purchasing

Cutting, skidding, & pre-processing of timber is hard work. It should pay off.

If you're looking for a trustworthy, fair partner to purchase your logs year around, consider Deer Park Lumber for competitive pricing based on current markets.


Serving the Southern Tier of New York and most of Pennsylvania, our log buyers take pride in providing a consistent scale and grade for your logs. Our log buyers will come to your roadside landing to optimize the scale and grade of each log. Payments are made on site and can be split into separate payments for landowners and logging contractors. Our Log Buyers will also provide copies of scale sheets.

Deer Park can also provide trucking at a reasonable rate, once the logs have been purchased. However, if you prefer to deliver your logs to us, our log scaler will be on-site to scale and purchase your load.

Deer Park Lumber log truck with logs in the foreground

Fair & Direct Log Purchasing

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Log Specifications
Log Purchasig Team
Deer Park Lumber
Log Purchasing Team

Jeff Nichols • Director of Procurement & Certified Forester

Giles Woodruff • Roadside Buyer

(570) 721-3469

Paul Reining • Roadside Buyer

(570) 468-7626

Butch Hoover • Log Scaler / Woodyard Manager

(570) 836-1133

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