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Impact Magazine Highlights Deer Park Lumber's Expansion

Deer Park Lumber recently announced a significant expansion and capital investment of its lumber milling operation located in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. The facility has been in operation since the early 1960's and was purchased by Ron Andrews in 1982. Deer Park Lumber proudly remains a family run business today. One of the largest employers in Wyoming County, Deer Park Lumber is a full-service lumber mill including kiln drying capacity (with 8 active kilns) and full forestry services for procurement of timber.

The investment and expansion project estimated at $10M includes the addition of a state of the art automation bin sorter with an optimizing grading system. This addition will increase production efficiency and streamline their material handling while improving operational processes. The expansion project also includes a new building to house the bin sorter and optimizing grading system. Conservative estimates show that Deer Park Lumber's production output will increase immediately by 15% and increase gradually over several months post installation.

The motivating factors for Deer Park Lumber's decision to invest in the expansion has multiple layers. The current labor shortage, experienced by all business sectors, was a contributing factor but not exclusive. Deer Park Lumber is a significant player on the world's stage for Appalachian hardwoods. Exporting their hardwood products internationally and domestically. Maintaining current

production to meet customer demands has proven difficult over these past several years. Deer Park Lumber is a high value brand in the lumber market and, in order to keep pace with the increased demand, enhancements in production

efficiency and productivity are critical.

The decision by Deer Park Lumber to automate with a bin sorter and optimizing grading system was easy. The next step with the expansion project was securing

the required financing. The financing process, although challenging at times, was quickly finalized to move the expansion project forward . Additionally, in compliment of the project financing, Deer Park Lumber received local support

from state government agencies and officials in pursuit of supplemented financing and available grants. One of the major contributors in coordinating these local and state efforts was our very own Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce president, Gina Suydam. Gina played an invaluable role as

Deer Park Lumber's advocate supporting the expansion efforts working closely with Senator Lisa Baker and the Pennsylvania Governor's Action Team to secure contributing funding for the expansion project.

"Deer Park Lumber has long prided itself as one of the best family-owned employers in Tunkhannock and Wyoming County, ~ said Dan DiMeolo, Plant Manager. "Our commitment to excellence grows knowing that the significant investment we make today secures the future of our business, employees

and their families at large. This capital expansion investment will dramatically improve our production capabilities, which in turn, improves our competitive standing in the global hardwood market.

- Contributed by Deer Park Lumber


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