Forestry Services

“Your Woodlot is Valuable– Manage it Wisely”

012To manufacture quality lumber we need a consistent, reliable supply of logs now and into the future. This can only be accomplished by growing trees of the required quality and size by practicing good forest management. Proper forest management results in higher returns to the landowner, faster growth and better quality trees, better wildlife and habitat and an increase in food and cover, less loss of trees to mortality due to insects and disease, better access to your property and most importantly greater owner satisfaction. Ultimately, the landowners goals and objectives are first and foremost in determining the amount and type of management work to be performed. To assist you in determining the level of management which will best meet your objectives Deer Park Lumber offers a variety of services along with a full staff of professional foresters.

Log Price List (PDF)   |    Log Specifications (PDF)

  • Timber Stand Evaluation
  • Complete Sale Supervision
  • Timber Marking
  • Location of Property Boundaries
  • Quality Timber Harvesting
  • Management Planning
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Expert Road Location and Construction
  • Proper Grading of Roads and Log Landings, Following Harvest
  • Competitive Prices for Your Wood Products


Our Process

Regardless of your reasons for ownership, the woodlot on your property represents a capital asset. Like any asset, your woodlot should increase in value in the future and provide periodic income. Just as any investment needs to be managed properly to increase in value, the same is true of your woodlot. A woodlot which is managed properly can be harvested every 5 to 15 year; however overharvesting will delay another harvest for 60 to 100 years. Below you can view a gallery of our forestry team hard at work harvesting a woodlot.