Forestry Services Team

Jeff Nichols

Title: Director of Procurement/Certified Forester

Bio: Jeffrey graduated from West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia in 1984 with a Masters Degree in Forestry and is now Deer Park Lumber’s Director of Procurement. He is a Certified Forester – Society of American Foresters. He has been involved in Sustainable Forestry Initiative of Pennsylvania (SFI of PA) training for many years, a Tree Farm Inspector, a member of the Board of Directors of Northern Tier Hardwood Association and member of Pennsylvania Forest Products Association Forestry Committee.

Why I like working at Deer Park Lumber:
I like working at Deer Park Lumber, Inc. for the challenge of building and growing the procurement and forestry services part of the business and working with forest landowners. I enjoy working with the forestry team and training foresters in the business and forestry aspects of the lumber business. I like the fact that Deer Park Lumber is a family owned business that invests back into its business and is committed to being an advocate for sustainable forestry and a proud supporter of the forest products industry.

Barrett Wiggans

Title: Forester

Bio: Barrett graduated from Paul Smith’s College in 1994 with an A.A.S. in Forest Technology. He then began working for Deer Park Lumber as a Forester. He has been a member of The Society of American Foresters since 1993. Barrett first completed the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative training requirements in 1997 and has remained a current card holder since that time. He is also a member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee and the Northern Tier Hardwood Association.

Travis Wiggans

Title: Forester

Bio: Travis graduated from Paul Smith’s College in 1996 and soon after found employment with Deer Park Lumber as a Procurement Forester, a job that he has held ever since. He has been a member of The Society of American Foresters since 1995. Throughout his career, Travis has participated in many trainings and seminars to enhance his knowledge of the industry.

He enjoys working for Deer Park Lumber because he likes the challenge of developing a plan for the landowner, from the initial meeting and re-establishing property lines to marking the timber to meet the objectives of the landowner. He also enjoys spending time with the logging contractors to ensure the logging plan has been sustainably met.

Jeff Dymond

Title: Forester

Bio: Upon successfully obtaining two degrees from Keystone College and Syracuse University, Jeff immediately put his knowledge to work in the forest products industry. He has worked as a procurement forester for Deer Park Lumber since 2000. Jeff specializes in mapping and deed work for the company’s forestry team. If Jeff isn’t in one of the courthouses in northeast Pennsylvania doing research work, he can be found in the forest doing Silva culture work with the other foresters. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Jeff is a great addition to “Team Deer Park”.

There are many reasons why he enjoys working at Deer Park Lumber, including being part of a growing, honest, family run business. Jeff feels that he is constantly improving the business by continuing to learn on a day-by-day basis.

Jim Brown

Title: Log Buyer

Bio: An economics graduate of Slippery Rock University, Jim has worked for Deer Park Lumber since 1974 when his father held partial ownership in the company. In 1987, he began to scale logs and continues to do so as a roadside log buyer.

Jim likes to work for Deer Park Lumber because it is a family oriented company that treats people fairly and with respect.

Boyd Rogers

Title: Log Yard Manager/Log Scaler

1999: Graduated from Lackawanna Trail High School. Lackawanna Trail High School is associated with the Lackawanna County Career Technology Center where Boyd graduated first in his class after completing a three-year course in only two years.
1999: Boyd began working for Geo Science Engineering Company right out of high school as a field technician and Quality Control person where he tested many types of construction materials.
March 1, 2005: Boyd became a full-time employee of Deer Park Lumber Inc. where he starting as a lumber handler and eventually became a certified forklift operator.
2009: Boyd was promoted to the Forestry Department.  He is receiving on-going training through Deer Park Lumber and has received training through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program becoming SFI trained.
2011: Promoted to Log Yard Manager/Log Scaler after one year’s time in the woods training as a Forestry Aide.

He enjoys the outdoors and doing his part to help our forests to be a healthier and long-lasting renewable resource. He also likes interacting with the logging community and doing his best to keep Deer Park Lumber’s log scale consistent and fair.

Paul Reining

Title: Roadside Log Buyer

Paul began his career in the forest industry in 1981, working in this families sawmill. Over the next 27 years he wore many hats including; piling lumber, machinery operator, log scaler, truck driver, logger, timber procurement, harvest site retirement, and running the companies logging crew. In 2008, Paul took a position with the Wayne Conservation District as their Forest Specialist, a position he held for nearly five years. In 2013, Paul joined the forestry team at Deer Park Lumber as a Roadside Log Buyer.

Paul was one of the founding members of the Professional Forest Industry Association (ProFIA). He has held a seat on the Northern Tier Hardwood Association (NTHA) Board of Directors since 2010.

“I thoroughly enjoy working for Deer Park Lumber. They are very pro-active in many industry organizations, and encourage their staff to be involved as well.”